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JPSE107/108 Full-automatic High-speed Medical Middle Sealing Bag-Making Machine

    Main Technical Parameters

    Width flat bag 60-400mm, gusset bag 60-360mm
    Max Length 600mm(with skip sealing)
    Speed 25-150 section/min
    Power 30kw three-phase four-wire
    Overall Size 9600x1500x1700mm
    Weight about 3700kgs
    Width flat bag 60-600mm, gusset bag 60-560mm
    Max Length 600mm(with skip sealing)
    Speed 10-150 section/min
    Power 35kw three-phase four-wire
    Overall Size 9600x1700x1700mm
    Weight about 4800kgs


    This machine is adopted with industrial computer control, screen displaying, synchronous length photo-electricity correcting deviation, two sets of frequency governors. It can make border-material adjustable and automatic unwinding, and make batch quantity output automatic with rational structure, simplicity of operation, stable performance, ease of 
    maintenance, high precision, etc. Excellent performance. lt is a high-quality high-speed new product,
    lt is the best machine to make flexible package bag, center sealed- air permeability bag for medial, integrates the virues of equipment at home and abroad, photo, electricity and gas and is driven by the imported double-servo motor.