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JPSE302 Full Automatic Bouffant Cap Packing Machine/Sealing Machine

    Main Technical Parameters

    Speed 180-200pcs/min
    Machine Size 1370x1800x1550mm
    Machine Weight 1500Kg
    Voltage 220V  50Hz 
    Power 5.5Kw


    This machine can produce non-woven materials one-time dust proof non-woven products the machine has good quality, low price, high output advantages, saving labor, reduce costs, can be customized according to customer requirements, through PLC servo control arbitrary adjustment length.
    This machine is automatic. Automatic operation from feed to layer to product count. Ultra high power ultrasonic welding is adopted to fix both ends of non-woven material and rubber bands effectively. The whole process from raw material feeding to finished product is automatic, the servo speed regulation is more flexible, the whole process only needs one person.