Disposable Blue Vinyl Gloves Lightly Powdered

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Code: VGLP001

Powdered vinyl gloves offer fantastic protection during a range of activities. It’s ideal for use for strict hygiene rule.

Powdered vinyl gloves have cornstarch added which makes them easier to put on, especially in busy locations, and can prevent gloves from sticking together. When powdered gloves are worn for a long period of time the powder can cling to user’s skin and cause sensitivities or allergies.

Powdered vinyl gloves usually contain cornstarch powder which is added as a donning agent. The powder adsorbs the latex particles and behaves as a carrier, which predisposes to allergy.

Widely used in food industry, medical examination, dental, healthcare, clean room, laboratory, beauty (dye hair), pharmaceutical, gas up, car washing and machine repair.

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Features and benefits

Color: Clear, Blue

Material: High grade poly vinyl chloride (PVC)

Advanced Latex-free formulation, No allergic reaction


Packing: 100 pcs/dispenser box, 10 boxes/carton

Size: S – XL

Powdered with corn starch

Ambidextrous, beaded cuff and smooth fingertips


Technical Details & Additional Information


Vinyl gloves are made from poly vinyl chloride (PVC), which has superior chemical stability and flexible covering to any hand. The vinyl gloves are more elastic than PE Gloves but are more durable. Vinyl gloves are the ones offer better protection for high-risk tasks.

JPS uses superior raw materials to make sure the gloves are free of defects. Our vinyl gloves help staff perform their tasks smoothly. They are well used in food handling, medical examination, electronics and other applications.

JPS is a trusted disposable glove and clothing manufacturer who has a high reputation among Chinese export companies. Our reputation comes from providing Clean and safe products to worldwide customers in different industries to help them relieve customer complaint and achieve success.

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