Ethylene Oxide Indicator Tape for Sterilization

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Designed to seal packs and provide visual evidence that packs have been exposed to the EO sterilization process.

Use in the gravity and vacuum-assisted steam sterilization cycles Indicate the process of the sterilization and judge the effect of the sterilization. For reliable indicator of exposure to EO Gas, chemically-treated lines change when subjected to sterilization proceed.

Easily removed and leaves no gummy reside

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Ethylene oxide indicator tape consists of pink stripes and pressure-sensitive adhesive. The chemical strips turn from pink to green after exposed to the eo sterilization process. This indicator tape is designed to secure packs wrapped with woven, treated woven, non-woven, paper, paper/plastic and tyvek/plastic wraps and used to distinguish processed and unprocessed packs.

Usage: Scissor the appropriate length of chemical indciator tape, stick on the package to be sterilized, directly observe the color situation, and determine whether the goods package by ethylene oxide sterilization.

Notice: Only apply to chemical monitoring of ethylene oxide sterilization, not used for pressure steam, dry heat sterilization, .

Storage condition: You can keep stored in the dark at room temperature 15 ° C ~ 30 ° C and 50% relative humidity, avoid contact with corrosive gases.

Validity: Since the date of production 18 months.

Technical Details & Additional Information





180 Rolls / Carton



117 Rolls / Carton



90 Rolls / Carton 42*42*28cm


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