Bouffant cap and Clip cap(small product, big effect)

Disposable bouffant cap, also called disposable nurse cap, and clip cap also called mob cap, they will keep hair out of eyes and the face while keeping working environment sanitary. With the latex free rubber band, allergic reactions will be reduced a lot.

They are made of non-woven fabric, mostly spunbonded polypropylene. So it has many advantages like air-permeable, water proof, filterable, heat retaining, light, protective, economic and comfortable.

Bouffant cap and clip cap can be used in a lot of industries like medical, food, chemistry, beauty, environment. And the specific application scenarios are electronic manufacturing industry, dust-free workshop, catering service industry, food processing, school, spraying processing, stamping hardware, health center, hospital, beauty, pharmaceutical, environmental cleaning, and so on.

In the market, the most popular colors for bouffant cap and clip cap are blue, white and green. There are also some specify colors like yellow, red, navy, pink.

Bouffant cap and Clip cap
Bouffant cap and Clip cap1

The usual sizes are 18", 19", 21", 24", 28", people from different countries can choose suitable sizes, no matter their hair are short or long, their head small or big, there are the suitable sizes for them.

During the covid-19, bouffant cap and nurse cap become an indispensable item, especially for medical workers in the world. A small cap can protect them from being infected.

Post time: Jul-15-2021
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