Pressure Steam Sterilization Chemical Indicator card

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To be used for indicating whether the articles pack or container has been sterilized. The indicator strips will undergo a distinct change in color when subjected to the sterilization process, can indicate the process of the sterilization, judge the effect of the sterilization.

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Material: Paper with Indicator

1. Usage Scope: Sterilization monitoring of for vacuum or pulsation vacuum pressure steam sterilizer under 132ºC-136ºC,downward displacement sterilizer(desktop or cassette).

2. Usage: Place the chemical indicator card in the center of standard test package or the most inapproachable place for steam. The chemical indicator card should be packed with gauze or Kraft paper to avoid dampness and then accuracy missing.

3. Judgment: The color of chemical indicator card turns black from initial light yellow, indicating the items passed the sterilization.

4. Storage: in15ºC~30ºC and 50% humidity, away from corrosive gas.

5. Validity: 24months after producing.


The specification we offer is as follow:

Items   Color change   Packing
  Steam indicator strip   Yellow  to black   250pcs/box,10boxes/carton

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