Steam Sterilization and Autoclave Indicator Tape

Short Description:

The print ink of tape is no lead and heavy metals

The color change could be established according to customer requirements

All sterilization indicator tapes are produced according to ISO11140-1

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1.Made of high quality medical crepe paper and ink.

2.No lead, environmental protection and safety;

3.Imported textured paper as base material;

4.Indicator turns black from yellow under 121ºC 15-20 minutes or 134ºC 3-5 minutes.

5.Storage: away from light, corrosive gas and in 15ºC-30ºC, 50% humidity.

6.Validity: 18 months.

Using Instruction

Pasted on the external surface of medical packs, used to secure them and detect the exposure of stram sterilization process. Consists of an adhensive, backing, and chemical indicator stripes. The adhensive is an aggressive, pressure-sensitive adhensive designed to adhere to a varitry of wraps/plastic wraps to secure the pack during steam sterilization. The tape is applicable for handwritten information.


Item Qty MEAS
12mm*50m 180rolls/ctn 42*42*28cm
19mm*50m 117rolls/ctn 42*42*28cm
20mm*50m 108rolls/ctn 42*42*28cm
25mm*50m 90rolls/ctn 42*42*28cm
OEM as customers' requirement.

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