Surgical Ophthalmic Pack

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The surgical ophthalmic pack is non-irritant, odorless, and has no side effects for the human body. The surgical pack can effectively absorb wound exudate and prevent bacterial invasion.

The disposable surgical ophthalmic pack can be used to improve the simplicity, efficiency and safety of operation.

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Features and benefits

Color: Blue or Green

Material: SMS, PP+PE, Viscose+PE, etc.

Certificate: CE , ISO13485, EN13795

Size: Universal

EO Sterilized

Packing: All in one sterilized pack

Components & Details

Code: SOP001

NO. Item Quantity
1 Back Table Cover 150x190cm 1pc 1 piece
2 Mayo stand cover 80*140cm 2pcs 2 pieces
3 Hand Towel 30x40cm 4pcs 1 piece
4 Adhesive drape 38x66cm 4pcs 1 piece
5 Ophthalmic drape 134x178cm 1pc 1 piece

What are the benefits for disposable surgical ophthalmic packs?

The first is safety and sterilization. The sterilization of the disposable surgical ophothalmic pack is no longer left up to the doctors or the medical staff but rather is not needed as the surgical pack is one time use and is disposed of afterwards. This means that as long as the disposable surgical pack is used once, there is no chance of cross contamination or of spreading any diseases with the use of the disposable pack. There is no need to keep these disposable packs around after use in order to sterilize them.

Another benefit is that these disposable surgical packs are less expensive than traditional reused surgical pack. This means that more attention can be paid to things like taking care of patients rather than keeping up with expensive reusable surgical packs. Since they are less expensive they are also not as big of a loss if they are broken or lost before they are used.

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