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Gauze Bandage

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Gauze bandages are made of pure 100% cotton yarn,through high temperature and pressure degreased and bleached,ready-cut ,superior absorbency. Soft, Breathable and comfortable. The bandage rolls are the necessary products for hospital and family.

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Item Name Gauze Bandage
Material 100%cotton
Width 5cm/7.5cm/10cm/15cm/20cm
Yarn Yarn:21s 32s 40s
Mesh Mesh:19*15 19*9 20*12 24*20 26*18 28*24 30*20 30*28
Length 4yds/6yds/11yds
Standard Package 1 roll/pack, 12pack/Dozen

Note:With Customized density,size and package is acceptable

Customized density,size and package is acceptable

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