Surgical dressing

  • Skin Color High Elastic Bandage

    Skin Color High Elastic Bandage

    Polyester elastic bandage is made of polyester and rubber threads. selvaged with fixed ends, has permanent elasticity.

    For treatment, after-care and prevention of recurrence of working and sports injuries, after-care of varicose veins damage and operation as well as for therapy of vein insufficiency.

  • Absorbent Surgical Sterile Lap Sponge

    Absorbent Surgical Sterile Lap Sponge

    100% cotton surgical gauze lap sponges 

    The gauze swab are folded all by machine. Pure 100% cotton yarn ensure the product soft and adherent. Superior absorbency makes the pads perfect for absorbing blood any exudates. In accordance with the customers’requirements,we can produce different kinds of pads, Such as folded and unfolded,with x-ray and non x-ray.The Lap sponge are perfect for operation.

  • Absorbent Cotton Wool

    Absorbent Cotton Wool

    100% pure cotton, high absorbency. Absorbent Cotton Wool is raw cotton which has been combed to remove impurities and then bleached.
    The texture of cotton wool is generally very silky and soft due to the special many times carding processing.The cotton wool is bleached with high temperature and high pressure by pure oxygen, to be free from neps, leaf shell and seeds, and can offer the high absorbency, no irritation.

    Used: The cotton wool can be used or processed in a variety of was, to make cotton ball, cotton bandages, medical cotton pad
    and so on, can also be used to pack wounds and in other surgical tasks after sterilization. It is suitable for cleaning and swabbing wounds, for applying cosmetics. Economical and convenient for Clinic, Dental, Nursing Homes and Hospitals.

  • Cotton Bud

    Cotton Bud

    Cotton Bud is great as a makeup or polish remover because these disposable cotton swabs are biodegradable. And since their tips are made with 100% Cotton, they’re extra soft and pesticide free making them gentle and safe enough to use on a baby and the most sensitive skin.

  • Medical absorbent Cotton Ball

    Medical absorbent Cotton Ball

    Cotton balls  is a ball form of soft 100% medical absorbent cotton fiber. Through the machine running,the cotton pledget is processed to ball form, no loose, with the excellent absorbency, soft, and no irritation. Cotton balls have multiple uses in the medical field including cleaning out wounds with hydrogen peroxide or iodine, applying topical ointments such salves and creams, and stopping blood after a shot is given. Surgical procedures also require their use for soaking up internal blood and used to pad a wound before it is bandaged.

  • Gauze Bandage

    Gauze Bandage

    Gauze bandages are made of pure 100% cotton yarn,through high temperature and pressure degreased and bleached,ready-cut ,superior absorbency. Soft, Breathable and comfortable. The bandage rolls are the necessary products for hospital and family.

  • Sterile Gauze Swabs with or without X-ray

    Sterile Gauze Swabs with or without X-ray

    This product is made from 100% cotton gauze with handling of special process,

    without any impurities by carding procedure. Soft, pliable, non-lining, non-irritating

    and it is widely used in surgical operation in hospitals .They are healthy and safe products for medical and personal care use.

    ETO sterilization and for single use.

    Life time of the product is 5 years.

    Intended use:

    The sterile gauze swabs with x-ray are intended for cleaning, hemostasis, absorbing blood and exudation from wound in surgery invasive operation. 

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