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Sterilization Monitoring

  • Medical Sterilization Roll

    Medical Sterilization Roll

    The Medical Sterilization Roll is a high-quality consumable used for packaging and protecting medical instruments and supplies during sterilization. Made from durable medical-grade materials, it supports steam, ethylene oxide, and plasma sterilization methods. One side is transparent for visibility, while the other is breathable for effective sterilization. It features chemical indicators that change color to confirm successful sterilization. The roll can be cut to any length and sealed with a heat sealer. Widely used in hospitals, dental clinics, veterinary clinics, and laboratories, it ensures instruments are sterile and safe for use, preventing cross-contamination. 

    · Width ranges from 5cm to 60cm, length 100m or 200m

    · Lead-free

    · Indicators for Steam, ETO and formaldehyde

    · Standard microbial barrier medical paper 60GSM /70GSM

    · New technology of laminated film CPP/PET

  • BD Test Pack

    BD Test Pack

    Bowie & Dick Test Pack is single-use device that consist of a lead-free chemical indicator, BD test sheet, placed between porous sheets of paper, wrapped with crepe paper, with a steam indicator label on the top pf the package. It is used to test the air removal and steam penetration performance in pulse vacuum steam sterilizer.

  • Steam Sterilization and Autoclave Indicator Tape

    Steam Sterilization and Autoclave Indicator Tape

    Indicator tapes, classified as Class 1 process indicators, are utilized for exposure monitoring. They assure the operator that the pack has undergone the sterilization process without the necessity of opening the pack or consulting load control records. For convenient dispensing, optional tape dispensers are available. 

    · Chemical process indicators change color when exposed to the steam sterilization process, providing assurance that the packs have been processed without needing to open them.

    · The versatile tape adheres to all types of wraps and allows the user to write on it.

    · The print ink of tape is no lead and heavy metals

    · The color change could be established according to customer requirements

    · All sterilization indicator tapes are produced according to ISO11140-1

    · Made of high quality medical crepe paper and ink.

    · No lead, environmental protection and safety;

    · Imported textured paper as base material;

    · Indicator turns black from yellow under 121ºC 15-20 minutes or 134ºC 3-5 minutes.

    · Storage: away from light, corrosive gas and in 15ºC-30ºC, 50% humidity.

    · Validity: 18 months.

  • Gusseted Pouch/Roll

    Gusseted Pouch/Roll

    Easy to seal with all types of sealing machines.

    Indicator imprints for steam, EO gas and from sterilization

    Lead free

    Superior barrier with 60 gsm or 70gsm medical paper

  • Eo Sterilization Chemical Indicator Strip / Card

    Eo Sterilization Chemical Indicator Strip / Card

    An EO Sterilization Chemical Indicator Strip/Card is a tool used to verify that items have been properly exposed to ethylene oxide (EO) gas during the sterilization process. These indicators provide a visual confirmation, often through a color change, indicating that the sterilization conditions have been met.

    Usage Scope: For indication and monitoring the effect of the EO sterilization. 

    Usage: Peel off the label from the back paper,paste it to the items packets or sterilized items and put them into EO sterilization room. The color of label turns blue from initial red after sterilization for 3hours under concentration 600±50ml/l, temperature 48ºC ~52ºC, humidity 65%~80%, indicating the item has been sterilized. 

    Note: The label just indicates whether the item has been sterilized by EO, no sterilization extent and effect is shown. 

    Storage: in 15ºC~30ºC,50%relative humidity, away from light, polluted and poisonous chemical products. 

    Validity: 24months after producing.

  • Medical Wrapper Sheet Blue Paper

    Medical Wrapper Sheet Blue Paper

    Medical Wrapper Sheet Blue Paper is a durable, sterile wrapping material used to package medical instruments and supplies for sterilization. It provides a barrier against contaminants while allowing sterilizing agents to penetrate and sterilize the contents. The blue color makes it easy to identify in a clinical setting.


    · Material: Paper/PE

    · Color: PE-Blue/ Paper-white

    · Laminated: One Side

    · Ply: 1 tissue+1PE

    · Size: customized

    · Weight: Customized

  • Pressure Steam Sterilization Chemical Indicator card

    Pressure Steam Sterilization Chemical Indicator card

    The Pressure Steam Sterilization Chemical Indicator Card is a product used to monitor the sterilization process. It provides visual confirmation through color change when exposed to pressure steam sterilization conditions, ensuring items meet the required sterilization standards. Suitable for medical, dental, and laboratory settings, it helps professionals verify sterilization effectiveness, preventing infections and cross-contamination. Easy to use and highly reliable, it is an ideal choice for quality control in the sterilization process. 


    · Usage Scope: Sterilization monitoring of vacuum or pulsation vacuum pressure steam sterilizer under 121ºC-134ºC, downward displacement sterilizer(desktop or cassette).

    · Usage: Place the chemical indicator strip in the center of standard test package or the most inapproachable place for steam. The chemical indicator card should be packed with gauze or Kraft paper to avoid dampness and then accuracy missing.

    · Judgment: The color of chemical indicator strip turns black from initial colors, indicating the items passed the sterilization.

    · Storage: in 15ºC~30ºC and 50% humidity, away from corrosive gas.

  • Ethylene Oxide Indicator Tape for Sterilization

    Ethylene Oxide Indicator Tape for Sterilization

    Designed to seal packs and provide visual evidence that packs have been exposed to the EO sterilization process.

    Use in the gravity and vacuum-assisted steam sterilization cycles Indicate the process of the sterilization and judge the effect of the sterilization. For reliable indicator of exposure to EO Gas, chemically-treated lines change when subjected to sterilization proceed.

    Easily removed and leaves no gummy reside

  • Medical Crepe Paper

    Medical Crepe Paper

    Crepe wrapping paper is particular packaging solution for lighter instruments and sets and can be used as either inner or outer wrapping.

    Crepe is suitable for steam sterilization, ethylene oxide sterilization, Gamma ray sterilization, irradiation sterilization or formaldehyde sterilization in low temperature and is reliable solution for preventing cross contamination with bacteria. Three colors of crepe offered  are blue, green and white and different sizes are available upon request.

  • Heat Sealing Sterilization Pouch for Medical Devices

    Heat Sealing Sterilization Pouch for Medical Devices

    Easy to seal with all types of sealing machines

    Indicator imprints for steam, EO gas and From sterilization

    Lead Free

    Superior barrier with 60gsm or 70gsm medical paper

    Packed in practical dispenser boxes each holding 200 pieces

    Color : White, Blue, Green film

  • Self Sealing Sterilization Pouch

    Self Sealing Sterilization Pouch

    Features Technical Details & Additional Information Material Medical grade paper + medical high performance film PET/CPP Sterilization method Ethylene oxide (ETO) and steam. Indicators ETO sterilization: Initial pink turns brown.Steam sterilization: Initial blue turns greenish black. Feature Good impermeability against bacteria, excellent strength,durability and tear resistance.