• Disposable LDPE Aprons

    Disposable LDPE Aprons

    The disposable LDPE aprons are packed either flat in polybags or perforated on rolls, protect your workwear agaist contamination. 

    Different from HDPE aprons, LDPE aprons are more soft and durable, a little expensive and better performance than HDPE aprons. 

    It’s ideal for Food industry, Laboratory, Veterinary, Manufacturing, Cleanroom, Gardening and Painting.

  • HDPE Aprons

    HDPE Aprons

    The aprons are packed in polybags of 100 pieces.

    Disposable HDPE aprons are economy choice for body protection. Waterproof, have resistance to dirty and oil.

    It’s ideal for Food service, Meat processing, Cooking, Food handling, Cleanroom, Gardening and Printing.