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JPS Medical Forges Stronger Ties with Dominican Clients During Successful Visit

Shanghai, June 18, 2024 - JPS Medical Co., Ltd is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of a visit to the Dominican Republic by our General Manager, Peter Tan, and Deputy General Manager, Jane Chen. From June 16 to June 18, our executive team engaged in productive and friendly discussions with our valued clients who purchase our dental simulation models and other medical products.

This visit was part of our ongoing commitment to strengthening relationships with our international clients and ensuring that our products continue to meet their high standards and needs.

Key Outcomes of the Visit:

Strengthened Relationships: Peter and Jane had the opportunity to deepen our connections with Dominican clients, reinforcing the strong bonds that have been established over the years. The discussions were marked by mutual respect and a shared commitment to advancing dental education and healthcare standards.

Positive Feedback: Our clients provided valuable feedback on our dental simulation models and other medical products. They expressed their satisfaction with the quality, reliability, and effectiveness of our offerings, highlighting how these products have significantly enhanced their training and healthcare capabilities.

Commitment to Continued Collaboration: Both JPS Medical and our Dominican clients expressed a strong desire to continue and expand their collaboration. The discussions set the stage for future projects and initiatives, with both parties looking forward to a prosperous partnership that will contribute to the advancement of medical education and healthcare in the region.

Peter Tan, General Manager of JPS Medical, commented, "We are thrilled with the outcomes of our visit to the Dominican Republic. The positive feedback and enthusiasm from our clients are a testament to the quality and impact of our products. We are committed to supporting their success and are excited about the future prospects of our partnership."

Jane Chen, Deputy General Manager, added, "This visit has reinforced the importance of collaboration and innovation in achieving our shared goals. We are grateful for the warm welcome and constructive discussions with our Dominican clients. We look forward to a bright and successful future together."

JPS Medical extends our heartfelt thanks to our clients in the Dominican Republic for their hospitality and continued trust in our products. We are dedicated to supporting excellence in healthcare and education and look forward to many more years of fruitful collaboration.

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