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JPSE200 New Generation Syringe Printing Machine

    Main Technical Parameters

    • SPEC 1ml   2- 5ml   10ml   20ml   50ml
      Capacity(pcs/min) 180    180       150       120     100
      Dimension 3400x2600x2200mm
      Weight 1500kg
      Power Ac220v/5KW
      Air folw 0.3m³/min
    • asdzxc27xe


    The equipment is used for the printing of syringe barrel and other circular cylinder,and the printing effect is very firm.
    It has the advantages that the printing page can be independently and flexibly edited by the computer at any time, and the ink will never fall off. The equipment does not need to frequently replace the consumables of traditional roller printing machines such as rubber wheels and steel rollers,and does not need to adjust ink every day. Compared with the traditional roller printing machine, the equipment is simple to maintain, flexible to operate, and can save a lot of consumable costs and replacement time, efficient and stable production, can maintain the purification workshop clean and tidy and high-end atmosphere image. lt is a totally new generation of syringe cylinder printing equipment.