• Scrub suit

    Scrub suits are widely used in the medical and healthcare fields. It is essentially hygienic clothing used by surgeons, doctors, nurses and other staff involved in the care of hospitals, clinics and other patients. Many hospital workers now wear them. Usually, scrub suit...

  • Instruction Manual for Coverall

    1. [Name] general name: Disposable Coverall With Adhesive Tape 2. [Product composition] This type coverall is made of white breathable composite fabric (non-woven fabric), which is composed of hooded jacket and trousers.   3. [Indications] Occupational coverall for medic...

  • What’ s The Difference Of Isolation Gown In Different Material?

    Isolation gown is one of the Personal Protective Equipment and it is widely used among healthcare workers. The purpose is to protect them from the splashing and soiling of blood, bldy fluids and other potentially infectious material. For the isolation gown, it should hav...

  • MEDICAL 3PLY FACE MASK TYPE IIR(Three-layer mask, the highest grade of European standard)

    The disposable medical face mask consists of 3 nonwoven layers, a nose clip and a face mask strap. The nonwoven layer is composed of SPP fabric and meltblown fabric by folding, the outer layer is nonwoven fabric, the interlayer is meltblown fabric, and the nose clip is m...

  • Bouffant cap and Clip cap(small product, big effect)

    Disposable bouffant cap, also called disposable nurse cap, and clip cap also called mob cap, they will keep hair out of eyes and the face while keeping working environment sanitary. With the latex free rubber band, allergic reactions will be reduced a lot. They are made ...

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Shanghai JPS Medical Co., Ltd. established in 2010, is a professional manufacturer and supplier of protective, disinfection and sterilization solutions and products.

Our ISO13485 and CE certificates of more than 60 medical consumables issued by TUV of Germany.

We have a rich experienced R & D team, QC team and service team.

Our products have been exported to more than 80 countries and regions including Chinese domestic market.


1. Strong in R & D: we can produce and supply customized products to meet customer’s unique requirements.

2. Reliable quality: we strictly follow the requirements of ISO13485. Our QC team has near 20 years experience in producing and supplying protective, disinfection, sterilization solutions and products.

3. Reasonable price: due to our large quantity, our quotation is always very competitive.

4. Fast delivery: we always keep reasonable regular products to shorten the delivery time.

5. Our ISO13485 and CE certificates of more than 60 medical consumables issued by TUV of Germany, which can meet the requirements of most Government tender bidding requirements.

  • Technical advantages

    Technical advantages

  • Professional and Focus

    Professional and Focus

  •  Trusty and stable

    Trusty and stable

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