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JPSE201 Syring Pad Printing Machine

    Main Technical Parameters

    • SPEC 1ml        2- 10ml      20ml      30ml      50ml
      Capacity(pcs/min) 200           240           180          180       110
      High Speed Type(pcs/min) 300          300-350     250        250        250 
      Dimension 3300x2700x2100mm
      Weight 1500kg
      Power Ac220v/5KW
      Air flow 0.3m³/min
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    This machine is used for printing syringe barrel. It has the characteristics of high working efficiency, low power consumption, low cost, simple regulation, high qualified rate and wide use and adoption of 1.5kw Speed regulating motor. The production efficiency is twice higher than the traditional screen printing machine.
    Printing speed can reach 240-300pcs per minute. Due to the design of high speed, each size syringe need one set pad printing machine.