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JPSE208 Automatic Infusion Set Winding and Packing Machine

    Main Technical Parameters

    Output 2000 set/h
    Operation of Worker 2 operators
    Occupied Area 6800x2000x2200mm
    Power AC220V/2.0-3.0Kw
    Air Pressure 0.4-0.6MPa


    The machine part in contact with the product is made of non-rusting material, which reduces the source of pollution.
    lt comes with a PLC man-machine control panel; simplified and humanized full English
    Display system interface, easy to operate.
    The components of the production line and the production line as a whole meet the requirements of China's medical device GMP. It is easy to operate, the production line has a beautiful appearance and a compact structure, and is suitable for a 100,000-class clean workshop for medical devices.