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Shanghai JPS Medical Co., Ltd Strengthens Partnerships with Leading Ecuadorian Universities

2024-06-07 14:59:07

Shanghai, China - June 6, 2024 - Shanghai JPS Medical Co., Ltd is proud to announce the successful visit of our General Manager, Peter, and Deputy General Manager, Jane, to Ecuador, where they had the privilege of touring two prestigious universities: UISEK University Quito and UNACH RIOBAMBA University. These esteemed institutions have been long-standing clients, utilizing our Dental Simulation units and Dental Units in their dental education programs.

During their visit, Peter and Jane engaged with faculty members and administrators at both universities, discussing the vital role that our advanced teaching models and Dental Units play in their educational curricula. The feedback received was overwhelmingly positive, with both universities praising the quality, reliability, and effectiveness of our products in enhancing their dental training programs.

UISEK University Quito:

At UISEK University Quito, the administration expressed their appreciation for our dental simulation units, which have significantly improved the hands-on learning experience for their students. The ergonomic design, precise control features, and high-quality materials of our products were particularly highlighted as key factors in their satisfaction. The university looks forward to continuing this fruitful collaboration, recognizing the mutual benefits and opportunities for future growth.


Similarly, at UNACH RIOBAMBA University, the faculty commended our dental chairs for their innovative design and functionality, which have greatly contributed to the practical training of their dental students. The university emphasized their commitment to maintaining this partnership, appreciating the consistent support and high standards that Shanghai JPS Medical Co., Ltd provides.

Peter, General Manager of Shanghai JPS Medical Co., Ltd, expressed his gratitude, stating, "We are honored to receive such positive feedback from UISEK University Quito and UNACH RIOBAMBA University. Their acknowledgment of our products' impact on dental education reinforces our dedication to quality and innovation. We look forward to continuing our collaboration, striving for excellence and mutual success."

Jane, Deputy General Manager, added, "Our visit to Ecuador has been incredibly rewarding. The strong relationships we have built with these universities are a testament to our commitment to supporting dental education globally. We are excited about the opportunities ahead and remain dedicated to delivering exceptional products and services."

Shanghai JPS Medical Co., Ltd extends sincere thanks to UISEK University Quito and UNACH RIOBAMBA University for their continued trust and partnership. We are eager to explore new avenues for collaboration and contribute to the advancement of dental education worldwide.

For more information about our Dental Simulation, Dental Units, and other products, please visit www.jpsmedical.com.

About Shanghai JPS Medical Co., Ltd:

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