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Choosing the Right Underpad: Your Guide to Incontinence Protection

[2023/09/15] Underpads, those often-overlooked heroes of incontinence care, play a crucial role in maintaining cleanliness and comfort. These large square or rectangle-shaped products are designed to go under the body, providing much-needed leak protection. Whether you’re dealing with incontinence yourself or caring for a loved one, understanding how to choose the best underpad can make a significant difference in your daily routine.


What Are Underpads?

Underpads are absorbent pads that serve as a barrier between your body and the surfaces you want to protect, such as beds, mattresses, furniture and wheelchairs. They typically consist of three layers: a soft and comfortable top layer, an absorbent middle layer, and a plastic-like bottom layer that prevents leakages.


Choosing the Best Underpad: Considerations


When selecting the right underpad for your needs, here are some key factors to consider:

1. Absorption Level: Different underpads offer varying levels of absorbency (light, medium, and heavy). The core material used plays a significant role. Polymer cores are highly absorbent and keep the top sheet dry, while fluff cores may require more frequent changes.

2. Backing Material: Cloth-backed underpads are less likely to shift during use, providing greater stability and comfort for beds. Plastic or vinyl-backed underpads offer more protection but may move around.

3. Breathability: Underpads with breathable backing allow air circulation, promoting better skin health. Look for options with a breathable design, often without a polypropylene backing.

4. Top Sheet Softness: For sensitive skin or extended use, choose underpads with a soft top sheet for added comfort.

5. Size: Select the appropriate size based on the surface you want to cover. 


Where to Find Quality Underpads

For all your adult underpad needs and expert guidance, Shanghai JPS Medical Co., Ltd is your trusted source. We offer a wide selection of underpads to suit your preferences and requirements. Protecting your loved ones and yourself from the challenges of incontinence is easier than ever with the right underpad. 

Post time: Sep-15-2023