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Polypropylene Microporous film Coverall

Short Description:

Compared with standard microporous coverall, the microporous coverall with adhesive tape are used for high-risk environment such as Medical practise and low-toxic wastes handling industries.

The adhesive tape covers the stitching seams so that ensure the coveralls have good air tightness.  With hood, elasticated wrists, waist and ankles. With zipper at the front, with a zipper cover.

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Product Features

Effective protection against dust, harmful particles and low-hazard liquid splashing. It is suitable for general protection in chemical plants, wood processing, coal dust protection in power plants, insulation laying, powder spraying and minor industrial cleaning operations.

Features and benefits

Color: White coverall with blue tape

Material: 50 – 70 g/m² (Polypropylene + Microporous film)

With hood, elasticated wrists, waist and ankles.

Excellent resistance of liquid and chemical splash

Non-sterile or sterilized

Size: M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

Adhesive tapes covered all seams parts

Zippper closure at the front

Without or with shoe cover

Packing: 1 pc/bag, 50 or 25 bags/carton box  (1×50 /1×25)

Technical Details & Additional Information


Technical Details & Additional Information


Other Colors, Sizes or Styles that didn’t show in the above chart can also be manufactured according to specific requirement.

Product performance

1. The appearance should meet the following indicators:
colour: The color of the raw materials of each isolation gown is the same without obvious color difference
Stains: The appearance of the isolation gown should be dry, clean, free from mildew and stains
deformity: No adhesion, cracks, holes and other defects on the surface of the isolation garment
Thread end: The surface cannot have any thread longer than 5mm
2. Water resistance: The hydrostatic pressure of key parts should not be lower than 1.67 KPA (17 cmH2O).
3. Surface moisture resistance: the water level of the outer side should not be lower than level 3.
4. Breaking strength: The breaking strength of materials at key parts should not be less than 45N.
5. Elongation at break: The elongation at break of materials at key parts should not be less than 15%.
6. Elastic band: no gap or broken wire, it can rebound after stretching.

Product advantages

1. CE certification, effective protection against particulate matter (the fifth type of protection) and limited liquid splashing (the sixth type of protection)
2. Breathability, reduce thermal stress and make wearing more comfortable
Elastic hood, waist, ankle design, easy to move.
3. Anti-static
4. YKK zipper is strong and durable, easy to put on and take off, with rubber strips, increase protection
5. It can be used in conjunction with other personal protective equipment to effectively improve safety.


This product cannot be washed, dried, ironed, dry cleaned, stored and used away from flames and high temperatures, and the wearer should understand the performance data in the instruction manual.

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