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Medical Crepe Paper

Short Description:

Crepe wrapping paper is particular packaging solution for lighter instruments and sets and can be used as either inner or outer wrapping.

Crepe is suitable for steam sterilization, ethylene oxide sterilization, Gamma ray sterilization, irradiation sterilization or formaldehyde sterilization in low temperature and is reliable solution for preventing cross contamination with bacteria. Three colors of crepe offered  are blue, green and white and different sizes are available upon request.

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Technical Details & Additional Information

100% virgin wood pulp
Waterproof ,no chips, strong bacteria resistance 
Usage scope:
For draping in cart, operating room and aseptic area.
Sterilization Method:
Steam, EO, Plasma.
Validly: 5 years.
How to use:
Apply to medical supplies such as gloves, gauze, sponge, cotton swabs, masks, catheters, surgical instruments, dental instruments, injectors etc. The sharp part of equipment should be put contrary to the peel side to ensure safety use. The clear area with temperature bellow 25ºC and humidity below 60% is recommended, the valid period will be 6 months after sterilizing.


Medical Crepe Paper
Size Piece/Carton Carton Size(cm) NW(Kg) GW(Kg)
30x30 2000 63x33x15.5 10.8 11.5
40x40 1000 43x43x15.5 4.8 5.5
45x45 1000 48x48x15.5 6 6.7
50x50 500 53x53x15.5 7.5 8.2
60x60 500 63x35x15.5 10.8 11.5
75x75 250 78x43x9 8.5 9.2
90x90 250 93x35x12 12.2 12.9
100x100 250 103x39x12 15 15.7
120x120 200 123x45x10 17 18

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