Shanghai JPS Medical Co., Ltd.




What are our main products for protective products?

JPS is a solution provider of medical sensory control and protection products from head to toe,such as headwears, face masks, arm protection sleeves, isolation gowns, coverall, shoe covers, boot covers, etc.

What’s our advantages for protective products?

1)JPS has more than ten years of overseas customer service experience, and has a full understanding of the needs of customers from all regions of the world, and we can recommend the most suitable protection products for your local needs.

2)To meet the needs of overseas customers for many years, our company has accumulated a comprehensive supply of various materials to meet your requirement of different materials and give you proper suggestion.

3)What we sell is not only products, but also consultancy services and professionalism, and solve your needs: we understand the concerns of customers better than factories, and we are more comprehensive and professional than our counterparts-we are your solutions Partner