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Steam Sterilization and Autoclave Indicator Tape

Short Description:

Indicator tapes, classified as Class 1 process indicators, are utilized for exposure monitoring. They assure the operator that the pack has undergone the sterilization process without the necessity of opening the pack or consulting load control records. For convenient dispensing, optional tape dispensers are available. 

· Chemical process indicators change color when exposed to the steam sterilization process, providing assurance that the packs have been processed without needing to open them.

· The versatile tape adheres to all types of wraps and allows the user to write on it.

· The print ink of tape is no lead and heavy metals

· The color change could be established according to customer requirements

· All sterilization indicator tapes are produced according to ISO11140-1

· Made of high quality medical crepe paper and ink.

· No lead, environmental protection and safety;

· Imported textured paper as base material;

· Indicator turns black from yellow under 121ºC 15-20 minutes or 134ºC 3-5 minutes.

· Storage: away from light, corrosive gas and in 15ºC-30ºC, 50% humidity.

· Validity: 18 months.

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The specification we offer is as follow:

Item Qty MEAS
12mm*50m 180rolls/ctn 42*42*28cm
19mm*50m 117rolls/ctn 42*42*28cm
20mm*50m 108rolls/ctn 42*42*28cm
25mm*50m 90rolls/ctn 42*42*28cm
OEM as customers' requirement.

Using Instruction

Pasted on the external surface of medical packs, used to secure them and detect the exposure of stram sterilization process. Consists of an adhensive, backing, and chemical indicator stripes. The adhensive is an aggressive, pressure-sensitive adhensive designed to adhere to a varitry of wraps/plastic wraps to secure the pack during steam sterilization. The tape is applicable for handwritten information.

Core Advantages

Reliable Sterilization Confirmation

Indicator tapes provide a clear, visual indication that the sterilization process has occurred, ensuring that packs have been exposed to the necessary conditions without needing to open them.

Ease of Use

The tapes adhere securely to various types of wraps, maintaining their position and effectiveness throughout the sterilization process.

Writable Surface

Users can write on the tapes, allowing for easy labeling and identification of sterilized items, which enhances organization and traceability.

Compliance and Quality Assurance

As Class 1 process indicators, these tapes meet regulatory standards, offering assurance of quality and reliability in sterilization monitoring.

Versatile Application

These tapes are compatible with a wide range of packaging materials, making them suitable for diverse sterilization needs in medical, dental, and laboratory settings.

Optional Dispensers

For added convenience, optional tape dispensers are available, making the application of indicator tapes faster and more efficient.

High Visibility

The color change feature of the indicator tape is highly visible, providing immediate and unmistakable confirmation of sterilization.


Healthcare Facilities:


· Central Sterilization Departments: Ensures surgical instruments and medical devices are properly sterilized.

· Operating Rooms: Verifies the sterility of tools and equipment before procedures. 


· General and Specialty Clinics: Used to confirm sterilization of instruments used in various medical treatments. 

Dental Offices:

· Dental Practices: Ensures dental tools and equipment are effectively sterilized to prevent infections. 

Veterinary Clinics:

· Veterinary Hospitals and Clinics: Confirms the sterility of instruments used in animal care and surgery. 


Research Laboratories:

· Verifies that laboratory equipment and materials are free from contaminants.

Pharmaceutical Labs:

· Ensures that tools and containers used in drug production are sterile.

Biotech and Life Sciences:

· Used in the preparation and sterilization of equipment and materials, essential for biotech research and development processes.

Tattoo and Piercing Studios:

· Applied to confirm the sterilization of needles, tools, and equipment, ensuring client safety and compliance with health regulations.

Emergency Services:

· Used by paramedics and emergency responders to maintain the sterility of medical kits and emergency care equipment. 

Food and Beverage Industry:

· Ensures the sterilization of processing equipment and containers, critical for maintaining hygiene and safety standards in food production.

Educational Institutions:

· Utilized in the sterilization of laboratory instruments and equipment in educational settings, such as universities and training centers, to provide hands-on learning experiences in a sterile environment.

Indicator tapes play a crucial role across these diverse fields by providing a simple, reliable method to verify sterilization, thereby ensuring safety, compliance, and efficiency in various professional environments.

What is indicator tape used for?

These strips offer the highest level of sterility assurance from a chemical indicator and are used to verify that ALL critical steam sterilization parameters have been met. In addition, Type 5 indicators meet the stringent performance requirements of the ANSI/AAMI/ISO chemical indicator standard 11140-1:2014.

How to use steam indicator tape?

Prepare the Items:

Ensure all items to be sterilized are properly cleaned and dried.
Package the items in sterilization pouches or sterilization wrap as required.

Apply the Indicator Tape:

Cut the desired length of indicator tape from the roll.

Seal the opening of the sterilization package with the indicator tape, ensuring it adheres firmly. The adhesive side of the tape should completely cover the packaging material to prevent it from opening during sterilization.

Ensure the indicator tape is placed in a visible location for easy observation of color change.

Mark Information (if needed):

Write necessary information on the indicator tape, such as the sterilization date, batch number, or other identification details. This helps in tracking and identifying items after sterilization.

Sterilization Process::

Place the sealed packages into the steam sterilizer (autoclave).
Set the sterilizer's time, temperature, and pressure parameters according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and start the sterilization cycle.

Check the Indicator Tape:

After the sterilization cycle is complete, remove the items from the sterilizer.
Check the indicator tape for a color change, ensuring it has changed from its initial color to the designated color (usually a darker color) to confirm that the items have been exposed to the appropriate steam sterilization conditions.

Storage and Use:

Properly sterilized items can be safely stored until needed.
Before use, recheck the indicator tape to ensure the correct color change, validating the effectiveness of the sterilization process.


What type of indicator is color-changing tape?

Color-changing tape, often referred to as indicator tape, is a type of chemical indicator used in sterilization processes. Specifically, it is classified as a Class 1 process indicator. Here are the key characteristics and functions of this type of indicator:

Class 1 Process Indicator:
It provides a visual confirmation that an item has been exposed to the sterilization process. Class 1 indicators are intended to distinguish between processed and unprocessed items by undergoing a color change when exposed to the sterilization conditions.

Chemical Indicator:
The tape contains chemicals that react to specific sterilization parameters (such as temperature, steam, or pressure). When the conditions are met, the chemical reaction causes a visible color change on the tape.

Exposure Monitoring:
It is used to monitor exposure to the sterilization process, giving assurance that the pack has undergone the sterilization cycle.

Allows users to confirm sterilization without opening the package or relying on load control records, offering a quick and easy visual check.


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