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Eo Sterilization Chemical Indicator Strip / Card

Short Description:

To be used for indicating whether the articles pack or container has been sterilized. The indicator strips will undergo a distinct change in color when subjected to the sterilization process, can indicate the process of the sterilization, judge the effect of the sterilization.

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Material: Paper with Indicator

1. Usage Scope: For indication and monitoring the effect of the EO sterilization.

2. Usage: Peel off the label from the back paper,paste it to the items packets or sterilized items and put them into EO sterilization room. The color of label turns blue from initial red after sterilization for 3hours under concentration 600±50ml/l, temperature 48ºC ~52ºC, humidity 65%~80%, indicating the item has been sterilized.

3. Note: The label just indicates whether the item has been sterilized by EO, no sterilization extent and effect is shown.

4. Storage: in 15ºC~30ºC,50%relative humidity, away from light, polluted and poisonous chemical products.

5. Validity: 24months after producing.

Using Instruction

Pasted on the external surface of medical packs, used to secure them and detect the exposure of stram sterilization process. Consists of an adhensive, backing, and chemical indicator stripes. The adhensive is an aggressive, pressure-sensitive adhensive designed to adhere to a varitry of wraps/plastic wraps to secure the pack during steam sterilization. The tape is applicable for handwritten information.


The specification we offer is as follow:

  Items   Color change   Packing
  EO indicator strip   Red to green   250pcs/box,10boxes/carton

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