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JPSE202 Disposable Syringe Automatic Assembly Machine

    Main Technical Parameters

    Max Width of Bag 600mm
    Max Length of Bag 600mm
    Row of Bag  1-6 row
    Speed 30-175 times/min
    Total Power  19/22kw
    Dimension 6100x1120x1450mm
    Weight about 3800kgs


    lt adopts the latest double-unwinding device, pneumatic tension, can be rise up sealing plate, can control and adjust sealing time. Automatic correcting with magnetic powder tension, photocell, the fixed-length is controlled by servo motor from Panasonic, man-machine interface control, exported inventor, Automatic punch device. 
    It adopt one-time/two-times hot sealing. It have high precision, high speed, heavy pressure, pressure of sealer equality. lt is specialized for making medical bags with paper/paper, paper/film.
    Such as, self sealing flat bag, gusset bag.